SASB Standards for Air Freight & Logistics

  • SASB Standard Metric Location or Direct Response
  • TR-AF-110a.1
    Gross global Scope 1 emissions
  • TR-AF-110a.2
    Discussion of long-term and short-term strategy or plan to manage Scope 1 emissions, emissions reduction targets, and an analysis of performance against those targets
  • TR-AF-110a.3
    Fuel consumed by (1) road transport, percentage (a) natural gas and (b) renewable, and (2) air transport, percentage (a) alternative and (b) sustainable
    Environmental Stewardship: Energy & Emissions
    Ryder does not use air transport.
  • TR-AF-120a.1
    Air emissions of the following pollutants: (1) NOx (excluding N2O), (2) SOx, and (3) particulate matter (PM10)
    We currently collect CO2; see Fleet Energy & Emissions for more information. Data unavailable for other outputs at this time.
  • TR-AF-310a.1
    Percentage of drivers classified as independent contractors
    Data unavailable
  • TR-AF-310a.2
    Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with labor law violations
    Data unavailable
  • TR-AF-320a.1
    (1) Total recordable incident rate (TRIR) and (2) fatality rate for (a) direct employees and (b) contract employees
  • TR-AF-430a.1
    Percentage of carriers with BASIC percentiles above the FMCSA intervention threshold
    Data unavailable
  • TR-AF-430a.2
    Total greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint across transport modes
    Data unavailable
  • TR-AF-540a.1
    Description of implementation and outcomes of a Safety Management System
  • TR-AF-540a.2
    Number of aviation accidents
    Not applicable to Ryder
  • TR-AF-540a.3
    Number of road accidents and incidents
  • TR-AF-540a.4
    Safety Measurement System BASIC percentiles for: (1) Unsafe Driving, (2) Hours-of-Service Compliance, (3) Driver Fitness, (4) Controlled Substances/Alcohol, (5) Vehicle Maintenance, and (6) Hazardous Materials Compliance
  • TR-AF-000.A
    Revenue ton kilometers (RTK) for: (1) road transport and (2) air transport
    Data unavailable
  • TR-AF-000.B
    Load factor for: (1) road transport and (2) air transport
    Data unavailable
  • TR-AF-000.C
    Number of employees, number of truck drivers
    About Ryder; Ryder employed 8,871 truck drivers as of 12/31/20.